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Monthly Archive: February 2019

What Do You Mean By Managed IT?

As we all know that an IT department handles all the technology related stuff. A Managed IT service is basically a task related to technology that is provided by a third party contractor and is then being delivered to a customer. In the department where this managed IT services Sydney are taking place, the service provider has the responsibility of getting the service and the equipment to function in the best possible manner. They are being paid by the customer the, the payment is either a monthly pay or the receipt of the service only. The main aim of having a managed IT service is to transfer the burden of maintaining the IT from the customer to the service provider. This makes it clear that when a managed IT service is being availed, the customer can be tension free of all the workload he though he would have to bear and he can now focus on the other core business concerns and tasks that he has already been assigned with.

The most common IT service availed by the people all around the globe is the remote monitoring and the management of servers, mobile devices and other gadgets. And because many managed service provider firms offer the same service as it is the foundational service and hence so common among them, there is a very close competition and pressure on keeping the profit margins as high as possible for these companies nowadays. If you are interested about office 365 implementation you can visit this website

The usual question of the people that visit these companies are what downtime is affordable for these companies and what were to happen if there is a disaster God forbid. The answer to this question is that the downtime totally depends upon the customer base, if the customer base is huge for example, emirates, they cannot even afford a downtime of one second as that would cause them to incur losses where as some companies can afford a downtime up to ten seconds as well.

As for the disaster recovery, these companies have backup plans for example there is a hot site, which is a place that has all the data of the company stored and being backed up every second. In case of an emergency for example fire, the whole employer base can shift to the hot site and continue their work from there. Everything in the company’s database is stored there and is an immediate backup plan some place far away from the original office building. There is a warm site too, which is the backup of the back up as in, if God forbid, the hot site catches fire too, all the resources can be availed from the warm site as it was also constantly being updated with the whole data that was being collected and stored at the original office building and then at the hot site too.